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Poetry and Short Stories

I hope you enjoy my poetry and short stories I post here. 

Beach Banquet

For Shreveport Foodies


Who knew we would change?

And offer such a food range

Cheers to Mahaffey for leading the way

And Gabriel, Hardette and Pansou for saving the day

Pete Harris Café set the bar

And Orlandeaux‘s tartar sauce is the best by far

Dahn’s garden is an exotic delight

And Athena’s joined in the fight

You can’t forget Lucky Palace at all

Those truffle chicken wings will make you fall

Talk about tantalizing your taste buds

Chianti’s selections are true words

Let me explain a thing or two

How did we get blessed with so many foods?

Ki-Mexico, Parish Taceaux, and Superior Grill

Delight the tongue and leave a thrill

Abby’s Singer’s Bistro in classic Tootie style

Will keep you eating and drinking for a while

There’s Marilyn’s Place, Herby K’s and Crawdaddy’s too

There’s a plethora of foods you can do

I’d be remiss if I don’t say

Try vegan and vegetarian, you might get carried away


Sleep eludes me again

I stare into the darkness of my bedroom

Why do you play with my mind?

I close my eyes and there you are again

I count sheep until they lie down and sleep

I pretend I am in paradise, lying in a cot, enjoying the cool breeze

I’m right there at the edge of sleep and it shies away from me like a wisp of a mist

I want to sleep

I desire to sleep

Yet here I am in the same place each time- entertaining insomnia into the wee hours of the night.

Can we come to an understanding?

Will you give me a moment’s peace so I can rest?

My body is tired, my eyes are dry

Do you have no mercy for me?

Please stay away for just one night

Will you comply or am I left in that void between sleep and restlessness?

Woman Drinking Coffee


As I arise on a cloudy day

I can smell the only thing that keeps me awake

It’s the elixir of the times

And I’m glad I have mines

So many countries produce their own

I drink it with biscuits and sometimes scones

That black liquid with my hands

Is formed to a caramel color with a sweet band

I do love you and you already know that

I need you to perk me up and go to bat

For me each and every day

In each and every way

Coffee, coffee, my morning cry

Thank you, world, for this legal high

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